Light House Catholic Girl

16 Jul

Hello World!

I write this  blog for the glory of God. I have never written a blog, and don’t know too much about it. I would like to share my story of how I came to my faith.

It really is kind of miracle of sorts. I do not come from a family that practices any religion. My little eight year old legs, would climb all those steps up the Barnegat Light House, and send out a prayer on the wings of the seagulls. “Dear God, you don’t know me, but can you fix my family? Can you move that lady out of our house and put us back into it? We hardly see our dad anymore, just every other sunday. And she’s there…looking at us with hate. She only smiles when she’s putting the stale peanut butter sandwiches in front of us, with no drinks. We sneak into the bathroom and drink water from the spigot. Dad just reads the newspaper and watches t.v. until it’s time to drive us home. Can you see me crying up here? I don’t act like I hurt inside, in front of anybody, that’s why I come up here. I don’t mean to cry, it just keeps happening.I ask those birds to fly up to you, and ask you, God, can you please help me?”

I sit down and wait to hear my grandfather call me to come down. I’m allowed to climb the lighthouse, and sit up here as long as I want. He owns that Barnegat Light Hotel, the one that all those fishing boats go out of. He’s not one of yours either. I wonder why I know You are there, no-one else seems to know it. Where are You? Are You on the otherside of where the sea and the sky come together?

We’re going home to the new apartment next week, I wish we could stay down the shore longer. I hate that apartment. I’m scared there. There are bugs in it and they come out at night. I keep putting the light on so they stay away, but I keep getting in trouble for putting the light on. Do you hear me talking to you at night, in my head? Can you keep those bugs off of me at night? Can we move back into our house, and get that lady out of it? Does our dad still loves us?

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