Get the hell outta here.

30 Jul

The summer of my eleventh birthday,a new family moved in across the street from us. We were new to the neighborhood from last summer. There were kids on the street that weren’t allowed to play with us. It was because my mom wasn’t married to Bob, but we all lived together. Everyone assumed they were married . When we were riding bikes with our new  friends, they referred to Bob as “your dad”. I said , “he’s not our dad, that’s my mom’s boyfriend, Bob”. That news spread like wild fire down the street. It was the seventies, so that was news worthy. Now a days it is very common, but back then it was reason enough not to play with the new kids. That December they got married in our living room by some guy, just in time to claim us on the income tax, he joked.

I made sure to tell all the kids in the neighborhood that they got married, hoping we could play with them now. My new neighbor across the street was the same age as me. We became best friends. Her mother was living with a guy she wasn’t married to, but what did I care? I told her to keep that private because of what happened to me. We talked about the shore and how we were gone most of the summer, staying with my grandparents. She said she heard there were four kids across the street, and had been waiting to meet us.Then she said, “I like your necklace”. It was a little golden sand dollar hanging from a fine chain. My grandfather picked it out for my birthday. There was no way of him knowing what it would mean to me. He knew I had a sand dollar shell, and just thought I liked them. He couldn’t know it was my portal to talk to God.

When she said “I like your necklace”, I said, ” wait I have something really cool to show you!” I ran home, grabbed my velvet watch box and ran back across the street. I slowly open the Timex watch box, lifted out the folded tissue paper and card. I was ready to school her on my sand dollar. Not the part about how I used it to talk to God, just that somehow, it was about God.” Kelly, be very careful, this is really delicate”, I said as I slowly unfolded the tissue paper. Before I could say anything more, she said , “Oooh, a sand dollar I have one of these somewhere, but it’s broken. Do you know they represent Christ?” I said, matter of factly, “Well, yeah, I have this card here…”

I could feel that she knew alot more “about Christ”, but the conversation moved on to new topics and all I could think about was how to get back on the subject of my sand dollar. If she knew what the holes were, or the flower,or anything else on my card, I had to find a way to get her to tell me. “Do you know where your broken sand dollar is?”, I asked.

She, didn’t, ……” Were there really doves inside?”…… she didn’t know. “What does this mean, Kel, do you know?” I let her read the peom. She looked at me, paused a minute, still looking at me, she got up and said “hold on”. Kelly walked into her house, and into her bedroom, and removed from her wall, right above her bed, a small crucifix. She came outside and said ” it’s about the crucifixion, see the nail holes”, she said pointing to the hands and feet of a man on a cross. All I could say is “Get the hell outta here.”,


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