glimpse into my secular word

4 Aug

We all got jobs working for my faux uncle, Bob’s sisters husband. He ran a Bingo hall in the ghetto of Philadelphia. He became a “minister” from an ad in the back of a magizine. He set up a non-profit and ran it like a church bingo. I didn’t know any of this, since I was only around 13 when I started as a soda girl. Poor people came in droves, hoping to win a thousand dollar jackpot. They bought specials and extra boards, scratch off tickets and hot dogs. They set up good luck charms and trolls in front of their bingo cards. I sold soda, hot dogs and chips, my sister sold scratch off tickets and my mom sold paper bingo sheets for the special games. His wife read back the bingo’s and paid the players. I worked my way up to selling scratch off tickets. I went into the office to get more, and he brought down a fresh , unopened box. He took the lid off and waved a black light over the box of scratch off cards. Some of them glowed. They were the big winners and he removed them! I had a hard time returning to the floor to sell those now that I saw they never stood a chance of winning. I had to tell my mom about this on the way home.

Well, it didn’t surprise her..but she surprised me. She told me that the thousand dollar jackpot was always split between three people. When someone yelled bingo, two more people that worked for our “uncle” would also yell bingo, and a worker would hold their bingo card and read back the bingo numbers that were called, even though they didn’t have them on their cards. The legitamate winner left with one third of the prize, and his money was returned to him at the end of the night. So there we were, selling our souls for 35.00 to 50.00 per night, lying to people and ripping them off. I’m ashamed to report that even after I knew the truth , I kept working the Bingo because I liked earning my own money. My mom, sister, “cousins and “Aunt” worked there and no-one else was bothered by what we were doing. It’s no excuse to say I was a kid because, even so, I did know right from wrong, but these were the adults in my secular world where the ten commandments were the ten hidden secrets, and nothing was wrong because sin didn’t exist.

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