God and the FBI shut him down

4 Aug

The bingo added another game. I didn’t want to work it anymore. I told my mom that I’m quitting. A neighbor of my “uncles” took my place.  My conscience bothered me. I wondered if God  saw what I did, what we all were doing. I held the sand dollar in my hand and thought about how bad I felt to have been a part of it all. I heard he opened another bingo out of the firehouse, near where he lived. Then, they all closed abruptly, out of nowhere. He was being investigated and they shut him down. He woke up one morning to the FBI digging through his trash. He was in a world of trouble. It seemed like God and the FBI shut him down. Everything started to unravel. It turned out that one of the women who worked there was his mistress on the side. After jail, he moved in with her. Our “aunt” struggled financially since his arrest, and had to move out of their beautiful home. She  hated him with a vengence.  All the creepy and terrible things he did to people , to innocent girls, started to come out. Everyone thought it was just them that he accidently rubbed up against, or grabbed their chest by mistake, or tried to kiss.  Her daughters suffered far worse. And now he was involved with the lady down their street, the one with two little girls.

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