The Sleepover

4 Aug

One day Debbie invited me to sleep over her house. It was a Saturday night,and she said if I want to , I can come to mass in the morning with them. So, I packed pajamas and a dress to wear on Sunday.I always was curious about seeing inside a church. I had so much anxiety , I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know what to expect, I was scared to death. I just laid there staring at the ceiling. I didn;t have my sand dollar with me, but I still talked to Him anyway , in my head. “God, it’s me…I’m coming to church tomorrow, I hope I see you there…I hope it’s ok with you if I go with them….

Sunday morning, it felt like a holiday! I don’t know what time her mom got up but there was such a spread of food waiting for us when we went to the kitchen. Maypo, waffles, eggs, orange juice, fruit, coffee. And she was still singing,I never even knew about that radio station.

After breakfast we got ready to go to church. I got some last minute instructions from Debbie. “Just do what I do, follow me, except when I get out of the pew for communion. Pew? Communion? I guess I’ll know when we get there.

I stayed right behind Debbie, so when I saw her dip her hand in the bowl of water and touch her forehead and shoulder, I did the same. She kneeled down beside a bench , so did I .I never found what page to be on in the booklet. No one seemed to notice except for me, a life size man, nailed onto a giant cross, with nails in his hands and feet.Jesus. They filed past Him like He wasn’t even there. It was all I could look at. I had a sick feeling. I wondered what these people were into. And all at once they would murmer in a monotone voice but I couldn’t make out most of the words. I was glad to get dropped off back home.

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