“There is no God”

4 Aug

The only person there when I got home, was Bob. He said, “you look nice”, and I told him I went to church with Debbie and her family.” What?! Why?!” , I told him, because they invited me and besides it was something that I have been curious about. He said most people that go to church are closed minded, judgemental, and weak. There is no God, there is no Devil either, no heaven, no hell. It”s all just nature.The circle of life. He did believe in reincarnation though. And there in my kitchen, equipped with no information what so ever, I defended my faith. It was based on the obvious. I said there is a God, I know it. Didn’t you ever notice how perfect everything is. I looked out the window, ” see that tree just growing out of the dirt? And there are seeds in those pods for more trees to grow. I saw a bird egg up close once , with a dead bird inside, it just formed in there, and for the ones that make it, well , they fly! ” He told me he didn’t think Debbies family was a good influence for me, I might become closed minded. I ask him to open his mind to a few simple facts.We aren’t just sitting here at this kitchen table, on this street, in this town, in this state, in this country we live in. We are on the surface of a PLANET hanging in a galaxy, in a universe, no one knows how any of it got here. I do believe in God, and I wish I could find out something about Him. The only way is for me to find out from one of His families. Debbies family is one of those, so please don’t tell me I can’t be her friend. He shook his head at me and walked away.

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