I just stopped

5 Aug

As an adult I see it, but I didn’t see it then. I wasn’t unique, young girls do it all the time. I got myself involved in a destructive relationship. I guess I took out my Superman cape. I found a broken boy. I was going to make his life better just by me being in it. I was going to be the saving angel of his life. I was going to matter to somebody. In no time I relinquished all control over my own life and handed him the reigns. This really seemed to boost his self esteem. He felt better about himself everyday.He felt especially mighty when he was kicking me on the ground, or shaking my head around my handfuls of my hair. The saddest part was I didn’t even bother to tell anyone he was hurting me. I grew up being treated like this by my own sister and no one cared, I guess I didn’t think they would care this time either. I made myself his prisoner, my bars were fear..I stopped talking to God along time ago. I didn’t even stop to say the thank you’s anymore. Thank you for the snow, those flowers , that blue bird….I just stopped.

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