Our Life wasn’t going to change, until it did.

5 Aug

Our life wasn’t going to change, until it did. Bob and my mom split up. He left for a twenty-six year-old with a little girl of her own. I think he had superman syndrome. He liked to “save” women. I think he liked feeling needed. Every relationship he had been in was  based on him being the hero that came into their lives. I guess we had our turn.  He did feel bad about it though. He said our life wasn’t going to change. He would continue to help my mom with the house mortgage and other expenses, but he was in love and leaving. Before we knew it, we were out of oil, had no hot water or heat, and my mom’s car was being repossessed in the driveway. We needed to move into an apartment. Finally that old tee-shirt made sense to me. “A woman without a man was like a fish without a bicycle”. Who the hell needed him! I was rejected and angry. I allowed myself to get close to him, to care. That wasn’t easy, after being rejected from my own father. This was going to change every relationship that I would ever have. And it certainly did. If I were to make that tee-shirt for myself today, it would say” A woman without a man is like a fish without water,” but, it took me awhile to think that way. A long while, a gift from God, and the Holy Spirit. But I’m jumping ahead. This is a hard story to tell, and I apologize if it’s hard to follow. I’m trying to keep everyone’s anonymity so I’m not naming names or even using exact ones. I just want to tell my story without necessarily telling everyone elses.

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