Does God Test?

7 Aug

There was a man in front of me at the convenience store. He paid for his coffee with nickles and pennies.He looked cold and homeless. He walked out and started down the road on foot. I got back in my car with my change in my hand. Someone had written “God Loves You” on a ten dollar bill. I lost my breath. For a fleeting moment , I wanted to believe it. To think this message was given to me on purpose, then something told me it wasn’t my message. I guess I knew that. It was for him, the man with the coffee. So for some strange reason, I pulled out , made a left, and passed the man. I drove down to the next cross street , folded the ten dollar bill really tight and dropped it at the stop sign that he would be coming up to next. I looped around to head back in the direction of school. I passed him in the other direction, In my rear view mirror I saw him stoop to pick something up. I hoped he got the message.It gave me such a good feeling, I wondered if he would get himself something to eat. Then I wondered…..was that a test? Does God test?

One Response to “Does God Test?”

  1. Teresa Rice August 13, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    That was very kind and thoughtful of you to leave the ten dollar bill for the homeless man. Yes, I do believe that God tests us. God Bless.

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