New job, new life

6 Oct

I didn’t even care if they started me on Christmas Eve, I got the job! It was the best feeling in the world. The Top salon in my area hired me.  I was doing my best to act normal. Be calm. Friendly. Talk to people. I did great hair and people were asking for my card. Many people  scheduled their next appointment. It was all so exciting!  My heart sank when I saw my old boyfriend , I knew it wouldn’t be safe walking out to my car at night. I tried to walk near people as we left, I talked to them about work so I looked like we were walking out together, but we weren’t. I’d get to my car, heart pounding, hands shaking, shallow breathing. There were the headlights behind me all the way home. Sometimes I would just drive around until he was gone.

After the New Year , I came into work and saw someone I’d hadn’t yet seen in my first week and a half of work. The most beautiful man that I’ve ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t look in his direction without my face getting red. I kept my eyes to the floor so I didn’t have to look at him. He tried to be friendly, funny, welcoming. He was just nice.  I needed to work in a different room, I couldn’t not look at him, but I didn’t want to look at him. I did give a quiet kudo’s to God, Excellent work there, breath taking…

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