Small talk and hair cuts

6 Oct

I called back my first appointment, to my station. He was a young man around 24. After finding out how he would like his hair cut, I started the small talk .” So….. do you live around here? ” He just graduated college and moved back home. What about me?  No. Not married, no kids. Yet. I know I want to have them, I just don’tknow if I want to be married. I can have kids without some man. He said “well what about a father? They will need a father..” I said,” Why? They don’t need one, they just leave anyway.” Then he opened a window with his words:   He said” My Dad is my best friend. The hardest part of college was being away from my family. Making my father proud of me was the biggest incentive I had to try to make the right decisions. I can’t begin to tell you how much I look up to him. I don’t respect anyone more. He is so dedicated to our family, and the first to help someone in need. I have my mom and two sisters, and together with my dad and I, we have board game tournaments, and movie nights, we really enjoy spending time together. When I would call home from college and hear them all laughing in the background, I knew I was missing game night, I hated that! There were parties every weekend on campus, but I would do anything to be able to be home with those goofballs.Even if he was just running to the store for something, I always said ” can I come with you?” I can’t imagine not having my dad.”

By the time I finished his haircut, I knew I could not even think of having children without a dad, I wanted one, myself!

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