Space Invaders and coffee

6 Oct

Some of the girls weren’t so friendly, but that’s o.k. They were friends with each other and I was new, and lets face it, I didn’t have much of a personality, heck, I hardly talked. I was pretty, I’ll admit that, not in a conceited way at all, it’s just that because of that, people often mistook shyness for snobbiness. That was the farthest thing from the truth, I didn’t feel superior to anyone or even a rock!

When I wasn’t cutting hair, I would go to the Coffee Beanery and get coffee to busy myself. It seemed as though the handsome guy from work liked coffee as much as I did, he often was right behind me, getting a cup for himself. One day he said, “Do you want to play Space Invaders?” We had a video game table in the waiting room. I said “sure” even though I’d never played before. So we walked back to the salon and I tried to play it.It was uncomfortable because I was a social spaz. He, on the other hand, was very, very funny. I didn’t like him looking at me, because when he looked in my face, I knew he could see the truth. I felt like a shattered vase all glued back together, but with some chips and peices still missing. I knew he could see that when he looked me in the eye. But a friendship grew.

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