I still have the ticket stubs

7 Oct

One day I came into to work and “J” walked up to my station and very quietly said” Do you like to go to plays?” I said “yes, I do” He asked me if I would like to go see “A Chorus Line” in New York. I have been wanting to see it, so we made a plan to go. We didn’t tell the people at work, we didn’t want them to think it was a date. I shopped for a new outfit and picked out a beautiful black velvet , form fitting skirt and jacket. The lady at the store said “One look at you in that, and that guys going to fall in love!” I laughed out loud and said we’re just friends, but inside my head I heard my heart say ” I hope so”.

I have never gone on a date like this, ever. “J” picked me up and we went to the train station in Trenton. I had all the money I needed for a train ticket, lunch, the price of my theatre ticket, but he would not allow me to pay for anything.(I was not used to that!) When we got to  New York, we went to a pub for a glass of wine and snack before the play. It was chilly in New York and I was cold walking to the Shubert Theatre. “J” grabbed my hand as we crossed the street. I felt like electricity ran up my arm. He said ” are you cold?, Your hand feels cold” I nodded. He removed his suit jacket and put it around my shoulders, and his arm remained around me. I don’t know how I walked. I couldn’t breath, my legs were shaking, I felt like jello. The play was fantastic and afterwards we went to the train. He  had made reservations at a restaurant in Trentons, Chambersburg. A wonderful Italian place, I’d never been in such a  nice place! He asked me alot of questions, silly ones , curious ones, he was an expert at making me comfortable. I never wanted this day to end. I don’t think he wanted it to end either, because after dinner, he wanted to go watch a movie, back at his house. We watched Flash Dance. He put his arm around my shoulder, and kissed the top of my head. He lifted my chin with his finger to look at me, and then he kissed me. Never in my life have I felt the feelings that flooded through me. I don’t know how the movie turned out, I was burrowed under his armpit, with my face against his chest, I felt safe for the first time. That date was from Saturday12:00 noon, until about 5:00 am. We were both off on Sunday, and made a plan to see each other at about 1:00. When he came to pick me up, we just drove and talked and kissed and drove and talked some more. He wanted to tell me something. He loved me!  We’ve seen or at least spoken to each other every day since then. I still have the ticket stubs.

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