Let’s just call him ” J “

7 Oct

I wasn’t nervous around( Lets just call him “J”) , his good looks were outshined by his personality. He was funny. “J” always had me laughing. I had a friend. One day while playing space invaders in the waiting room, I saw my exboyfriend stalking by. I went completely white. He asked me what was wrong. I told him that was my exboyfriend. After him, I never want another one. The police put a restraining order on him , but he keeps stalking. Now that he saw me sitting here with you, he will be watching when I leave tonight, please don’t walk out when I do.

“J” asked, “What did he do to you?” he could see in my eyes, he didn’t need to hear the words, and I didn’t have them to say. I saw pain reflecting back in his  eyes, I got a chill. Could he see through me? “J” left work a half hour before I got off.I was glad. I didn;t want him getting involved in to my crazy life, by walking me out and ending up in a confrontation with a crazed lunatic. I started my car and surveyed the parking lot. When I pulled out, seconds later a car pulled out of a parking space and got behind me. I made it through the green light and felt relief. I wouldn’t learn till much later that “J” followed the car that  chased me, what words were spoken, I don’t know. But I was never followed again.

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