I had worth

8 Oct

I walked out of the rectory completely transformed. I had worth. There was so much I didn’t know , but I would spend my life learning it. But for today, I was incredible, I was worthy, I was royal, I was a princess. I can’t wait for the day that I get see my Father in heaven, just knowing I had one and that He loved me, that He made me, that I was His idea….I don’t have words. Nothing could describe the God Effect. I walked taller, shoulders back, big smile, “Good morning” I would say to a total stranger,  making direct eye contact.I stopped into a little shop on my way home. I wanted to buy a tiara, I really did, because that really amused me, the thought that I was a daughter of God. I picked out a rhinestone barrette, I knew what it meant. I wore it to work that night. My bangs were swept back, and there was my rhinestone barrette, reminding me of my royalty!

There was a girl at work, that hadn’t been very friendly or nice to me .  She really got on my nerves up until now, but I saw her in a different way. He made her too, He loved her too, she was also a daughter of the King. We were related in that way and even if she didn’t know it. I couldn’t unknow it, so I acted accordingly. She was loved by God, how would He feel if I decided not to like her. So, I changed my heart towards her, and saw alot of good in her, because it was there all along. I had to realize,I didn’t give her much to like about me. I was quiet , standoffish, uninteresting, self centered and insecure. But now, well now, I was different. I had worth.

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