The Daughter of the King

8 Oct

I couldn’t wait to ring the doorbell. I had two cups of coffee with me, one for me and one for Father Carey. He had a lot he wanted to tell me. Things he wanted me to know. I think he was thinking about all that I had told him, and realized I don’t even know the basics. So to start off, we went off the book. “You, are the daughter of the King, Our heavenly Father is your Father, you have the best Father in the world, You are precious to Him, and no one could love you more. Don’t ever forget, you are a child of God”

He asked me for my Baltimore Catechism, to test me on the things that I studied.When he opened it, some hair fell out of the pages. I was so embarressed. “What’s this?” he said. “It’s hair, from work, I’m so sorry. I bring it to work to study when I’m not busy, hair got in the pages” I said.

“You bring it to work? What do people say?”  he asked.” Well if they are catholic, they seem to recognize the book, and I tell them about you and how you are teaching me about God. If they aren’t catholic, I don’t think most people notice it, I just feel so behind, I want to learn so much. I really don’t care what anyone thinks about it, I need to learn everything I can.I want to know everything. I am already confused though. Can you tell me about the trinity?”

Father Carey said “Oh,starting with the easy Question, huh? There is only One God, but three Divine Persons. God the Father, the first person of the Blessed Trinity-( The one I always knew was there)

The Son is God and the second person of the Blessed Trinity also called The Word  (  Jesus? right?)

The Holy Spirit is God and the third Person of the Blessed Trinity( ” thats the one I know, He’s been with me all this time, I really believe that.Is that why there are three parts to one God, so that If someone doesn’t know about Jesus, or the Father, the Holy Spirit will be still be with them? We could have talked all day. Before I left he told me” remember, you are the daughter of the king” I walked out of there with my head held high, I walked just a little taller. I was somebody.I was loved more than I could ever know, by the King of heaven and earth. I thought, I guess that makes me a princess, I giggled to myself. I wondered if it would be over the top to buy myself a tiara, I crack myself up.

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