9 Oct

I always walked to the church, but it was the middle of the night, so I drove. I told Father to give me the hours hardest to fill, for Eucharistic Adoration. I think I was understanding it, and if I was correct, I was going to be alone with my Lord, Jesus Christ. I pulled that heavy church door open, blessed myself from the holy water font and slowly, taking it all in, started down the aisle. A lady got up to leave when I got there. There was a man in the back as well. I saw the golden monstrance gleaming on the alter, and inside the window of it was the Eucharist. I went up as close as I dared to go. Shaking. Actually trembling, I got down on both knees. I still didn’t know many prayers, just two, so I prayed Our Father, the Hail Mary. ” Jesus….? I want to thank you for working in my life. I am so in love, I have never been happier.I also want to thank You for Father Carey , who I know You have put in my life also. I am trying to find out as much as I can about You. For now I just want to be here with you, and remember how I always knew there was You. I looked at the monstrance and clasped my hands together.  I concentrated on it. Then I shut my eyes.  I wondered if You were happy that I came. While my head was bowed in all the reverence that I had in my being, I pictured this.-In my minds eye. My eight year old self broke free from me, like a child running into the arms of her father, there I ran right up onto the lap of Jesus, and curled right up to be held in his arms. I didn’t think of another thing, for two hours, I was in my fathers arms. Love.

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