The Word, Spoken over the bread and wine, Becomes the Bread and Wine

9 Oct

I went to mass every Sunday. I sat in the back. I didn’t know the prayers. I sat and stood and kneeled when everyone else did. I didn’t go up to communion because Father Carey had to teach me a lot , before I was ready for that. I had to make my sacrements, and that would be one of them.  Confession was another one. That made me nervous. I told him a lot already, but when I saw the ten commandments I realized I broke most of them. How was he going to feel about me then? Our church was having forty straight hours of adoration, and he asked me cover a couple of the hard to fill hours. I was happy to. Apparently the host was what looked like a sand dollar to me, that was the Eucharist. I was trying my hardest to understand as best that I could. Adam and Eve screwed everything up for us basically, instead of being grateful for everything God gave them, they wanted the one thing He told them they couldn’t have. The serpant, Satan( a jealous Angel that wanted to be God, had his ass kicked by Saint Michael the Arch Angel and he was cast down to earth, just looking to wreck everything God did. He tricked Eve, and she fell for it, Adam blamed her for everything. They hid when they heard God. She was sorry, the serpent beguiled her, and she told the truth about it, took accountabilty. That was all that God needed, he is forgiving. The problem was that now sin was in the world. We can’t go to heaven, we lost that. Satan smiles. But God said , he was going to send a redeemer, its the second person of the Blessed Trinty, the Son. The Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God, and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel. They offered a sacrifice to God. Abel took his finest animal to sacrifice and God accepted it, but Cain was angry that He did not accept his crops. Cain killed Abel because of his jealosy. People were doing so much wrong that God was fed up. He detroyed cities full of sin, even flooded the world, for a big do over.

Finally, He finds a worthy man, Abram and he forms a covenant with him. Changes his name to Abraham. His decendants are Gods chosen people.The redeemer is coming from this line of people. They used to sacrifice an unblemished, perfect lamb, to God in atonement for their sins. But when Jesus( second person in the trinity, God, the Word) came into the world he was the Lamb of God, with the plan to be sacrificed for the sins of the world. He was the redeemer God said He would send so we could go to Heaven. Jesus is present in the Eucharist . Jesus -The Word -spoken over the bread and wine , Become the Bread and wine. Will I spend a few hours in the presence of God? Are you kidding me?  Please give me all the time you can!

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