It wasn’t so very long ago

10 Oct

I bought a bible. I didn’t know how to find my way around in it. I brought it with me on Wednesday , to ask Father Carey to please show me. “Is it a catholic bible,? ” he asked. “Aren’t they all? ” I asked back in all sincerity. He told me for 1600 years they all were, Then there were those who protested against certain things, and broke off, and formed their own version of Christianity. I was glad to have gotten the original version. He explained that there were two parts, The Old Testament. The story of creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noahs Ark, The tower of Babel–I read those stories , I was up half the night, every night all week. I read about Rebekah and Isaac, and their sons Jacob and Esau. How God formed a covenant with Jacob, and changed his name to Israel, and how his sons become the twelve tribes of Israel, and were known as Israelites, and I never knew  any of this, it was fascinating. I learned about Moses and the ten commandments. I thought it was about time! So far, from the beginning, starting with Adam and Eve there was sneaking , lying, raping , killing, it must have been beyond disappointing. Even after the ten commandments , they couldn’t hold it together for long. I never expected to read stories like this in the Holy Bible, I couldn’t have been more shocked. Father Carey showed me how to skip around and look up certain passages or stories. Look for the name of the book, chapter and verse., such as Jeramiah 1:5( chapter one, verse five) Which I love. There were books of  law, wisdom, and prophets. There were poems and songs, and there were clues and mysteries. About Jesus, and  what would be happening, and how we would know him. That was the first part,the Old Testament. The new Testament was all about Jesus coming, what he taught us, and what the apostles  did and said after his ascension, and how they built our church. Father Carey took my bible and showed me something pretty cool. Here is listed the first Pope, Saint Peter, Jesus’ apostle, the “rock” on which he built the church. He gave him all authority, in his place, to continue his work here on earth. Then it listed the pope after him, and next, and , next all the way up to the current one Pope John Paul the second. So we can trace our church straight back to Christ who founded our church on Peter. All of a sudden, it didn’t seem that long ago. Really the world was kind of slow to change for centuries. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, that the world had a flurry of  inventions that  changed our world for ever. I thought back to when there were no tv’s, phones, or cars. It wasn’t so very long ago.

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