Lamb of God

16 Oct

I attended mass every Sunday. Little by little it became more and more familar, and slowly made more sense. There was so much to know.I am embarrassed to reveal just how senseless, classless actually, I was back in the eighties.My only excuse is that I was literally raised in a Woody Allen Movie. So , when Father Carey looked on me with disappointment, because I wore a mini dress to mass, low cut, tight, I just didn’t get it. He had to actually explain, whats appropriate, and whats not. I had no respect, and no common sense. When he made me aware, to have modesty, it was something I didn’t think about. Ofcourse, once I thought about it, I made sure that I was covered up in church, and not wearing anything too low cut or too short. Isn’t it amazing that I needed to be told? By a priest, no less! He also didn’t care for my “Hey, how ya doin?” after mass ,   “see ya Wednesday , k?”  He would say to me,” Good morning Father, how are you this morning? I’ll look forward to seeing you on Wednesday”. It was like My Fair Lady, I was his Liza Dolittle. But I really couldn’t wait to talk to him on Wednesday because when he held up the Eucharist and said” This is the Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world, blessed are those who are called to the supper of the Lamb.” it reminded me of the old testament, the atonement, the jews got an unblemished ( perfect) lamb, male. Not a bone could be broken. ? Consistant with the old  covenant, they offered a sacrifice on the alter, laying their hands upon it, shedding its blood, transposed theirs sins upon the unblemished lamb, and offered it up to God for forgiveness of their sins. I needed to ask Father, when he calls Jesus the New Covenant and at the same time Lamb of God, who takes away sins, it’s the new covenant, gone with the old( no more animal sacrifice),in with the new, Jesus becomes that sacrifice, for us, is that right? Was that the old version of our common day confession? I was really afraid of the day I would have to tell him about all the things I had done wrong.  What would he think of me?

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