O K, Lets Start

16 Oct

I arrived early,and rang the doorbell to the rectory. ” Good Morning Father. How are you today?” He smiled. and gestured”please come in”. I said” Thank you, you are too kind”. He said OK, Lets Start! “Oh good, I have so much to ask you. I’ve been reading about Abraham moving to  Canaan. He was so worried because the Canaanites sacrificed their first-born to a God they believed was responsible for goods crops, strong herds and blessings on their families. Abraham worried if he would be expected to sacrifice Isaac who he waited so long for and loved.Was God testing him to see if he was obedient? When he was willing to do as God asked , God stopped him, and supplied a ram for the sacrifice. “This showed him that he does not want human sacrifice”, Father Carey said.”Believing and trusting in Him is what brings them abundant blessings.”

“Isaac married Rebekah , and they had two sons. It is from Abrahams family that Jesus , the redeemer , would come, as the savior of the world.”

“That’s what I just don’t get”, I said. “How is it that God , obviously did not want to see human sacrifice, but sent his son to be our human sacrifice”?

Father asked me a question, “how can people make up for their sin? What could they possibly do to redeem themselves to God. They are not equal to God, anything they did would be lesser than.”

“So”, I said,” He was the apology? He was the sacrifice that was acceptable to God, because…..He is God?” Sometimes Father Carey just stared at me, with no indication if I was on the right track or the wrong one, this was one of those times. I never knew , was I right about that or wrong. But at this point the only thing that I was sure of was ,that man on the cross was more than a man, he was God, God the Son, the second person in the Blessed Trinity, and he came to save the world.



One Response to “O K, Lets Start”

  1. lazydisciple October 20, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    He was the apology. I love that phrasing

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