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I’d rather read than ask

13 Nov

I would rather read about things concerning God, than ask. I kept it very private. I felt like I was bursting inside. I had so much to say, and to ask. But I have seen these “religous nuts” and I didn’t want to be thought of as one. Besides, I didnt know enough to be thought of as one. There was a lady who saw my Baltimore Catechism book on my station at work, and got into a conversation with me that I had very few answers for. She asked me questions about the Catholic church, then answered her own questions with quotes from the bible. She didn’t have a bible with her, she seemed to have memorized it somehow. She quoted different books and verses. She left me with alot of questions. I really hoped she liked her haircut, so she would come back to me. Next time I would be ready, I would have better answers, I would be better informed. I felt like I lost an argument. I wanted to tell her why we do the things we do, but I didn’t want to be wrong. I’d wait until Wednesday and ask Father Carey how to answer her questions. She seemed to be uninformed, but I didn’t know enough to correct her. But I will….


For the people that don’t know

13 Nov

I feel so sorry for the people that don’t know. I was one of them and in many ways I still am, because I don’t know enough. But I know God is there. And I’;m happy to know that he knows me. More than that, he made me. I want to tell everyone”HE MADE YOU!” He knows you. I wonder if it’s wrong what I’m doing, when I’m at work, and I’m silently praying over the people who’s hair I’m shampooing.  When I feel they need prayers, and are having a hard time, I just want to ask on their behalf for God to come into their life. To help them somehow.  Who’s going to pray for them? So I ask The Holy Spirit to hang with them, the way he did with me, and just maybe he will bring him to the Father and the Son. I go into the book store when I’m not busy, and I was looking at an art book of paintings. There was an old man with a knife in his hand and a boy being pushed down on a pile of sticks. There was an angel in the corner,looking like he was saying “no! no!” and I felt sick/ scared looking at it. I saw a ram in the right hand corner of the painting. Abraham!!!! I looked for a title , the painting was called” Sacrifice of Isaac”. It was painted in the 1500’s, there were alot of paintings about all the things that happened and all that I was learning, and they were beautiful. Somehow it confirmed for me this was all very real. Very real.