She was a throw away

20 Jan

My client Joyce referred a friend of her’s to me to come in for a haircut. Joyce knew me pretty well, we’d had many conversations about faith. She knew I was new to the game, and although she never got details, was aware I had a much different past.. Her friend was telling me about her fourteen year old daughter. She was having a really hard time with her. She was having sex with multiple boys, drinking , smoking pot, and generally wrecking their home life.These were faithful people. They were mortified.They got this girl out of the foster care system when she was10 , and eventually they were able to adopt her. She told me she now regretted that decision. She didn’t know how to handle her. She brought her to church services every Sunday and they lived a moral life. She couldn’t understand her behavior.I battled with myself. Should I say it, should I not? I had the feeling Joyce sent her for more than a haircut. So, I listened to my heart, where the Holy Spirit had taken up residence.I told her, ” Bringing her to church is great, but she’s not getting out of it what you might think. They might as well be speaking chinese. She has no back story. When you are rasied in faith it’s easy to assume everyone knows what you know. I had to be told. Everything. Do you really think she is grasping Jesus, and his sacrifice for us? She needs to know she belongs to Him. She was His good idea, he made her ,He knows her, He loves her. She needs to get that dignity.I think in her mind she is acting like she does because she was a throw away. In her heart this is probably how she feels so it doesn’t matter how she acts, because she doesn’t matter. Someone needs to convince her she is the daughter of the King. It doesn’t matter what her birth parents have done, this is how she got to you guys. You guys are how she’s going to get to Him. She is behaving like she has no worth, when she finds out she does, she will change”.

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