I was a throw away too

21 Jan

I think it was a gift to meet Joyce’s friend the other day. It helped to remind me not to get pulled back down, when I’m hurting about my father. You would think he wouldn’t even cross my mind because he’s not in my life, but that is precisely why he does.There are no words to express the pain that comes with that rejection.I guess if you could say it in words there would be no need for tears. I used to define myself by his rejection, I had no worth.I was a throw away too. Thanks to Father Carey, I found out the truth.I used to walk down this same street to the cafe everyday, avoiding eye contact, shoulders slumped.I would order coffee,by then they knew how I liked it, and I didn’t have to repeat myself because I spoke too low. Things have changed so much. Just this walk to the cafe. This is my street. This is my town. Good morning!

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