I feel like I have my sight back

24 Jan

I feel like I have my sight back. The same point of veiw that I had as a child. Only then it was blind faith, based on what I thought was obvious and logical. Now, I have an arsenal of information , my faith is valid. I feel like I uncovered a mystery.My heart knew, but I didn’t know there was a whole book at the time. The book confuses me. It’s more than a book. It’s a shame that by the time I was growing up that, there were’nt prayers in school. We didn’t learn the ten commandments, and no one could mention God. I want to know how God became unconstitutional.If things don’t change fast hardly anyone in the future will know Him. Less and less people are exposed, in less and less places. Father Carey didn’t seem too concerned. I tried to tell him there really are a lot of people that don’t know a thing about God. I grew up around them, I feel sad for them that they haven’t figured it out. More confusion, my friend Jodi was jewish, and believed in God but not Jesus.She only had the old testament and she said Jesus isn’t in her bible.I asked her who Isaiah 53 is about. And so I spread my confusion into her world.

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